What is the ideal density for a mattress topper?

Densité d'un surmatelas

Not sure which density to choose for your mattress topper? Discover our tips for making the right choice and finding the perfect mattress topper!

Focus on the density to choose for a mattress topper

How to choose your mattress topper? You must take into account the same criteria as in the choice of a mattress : the density is one of them. Find out which density to choose for a mattress topper perfectly suited to your needs!

Why give importance to the density of a mattress topper?

Do not confuse density and firmness , even if one often impacts the other. Indeed, the higher the density of the mattress topper , the firmer the mattress topper will be. And conversely, the lower the density, the softer the mattress topper will be. Strictly speaking, there is no perfect mattress topper density : it greatly depends on you, your needs and your expectations in terms of comfort. Just be aware that the density will be directly determined by the filling of the mattress topper . Depending on the material used, it is possible to get a good overview of the comfort, quality and durability of the mattress topper model.

What density should you choose for your mattress topper?

As you will have understood, the density of the mattress topper directly impacts your sleeping comfort . Generally, it is between 300 gr/m² and 700 gr/m² for a thickness between 2 and 8 cm (hence the estimate in grams and not in kilos as for mattresses). The higher the weight, the thicker and denser the mattress topper. The choice of your mattress topper must be made according to the firmness of your current mattress: do you find it too firm, too soft, or perfectly balanced? If your mattress is too rigid, you should take a soft mattress topper with a low density around 300 to 400 gr/m². On the contrary, if your mattress is too soft and you want more firmness to support your back and spine, a mattress topper with the maximum density of 600 to 700 gr/m² is recommended. If you simply want to improve the comfort of your sleep, a model that is both firm and soft is a good compromise: a thickness of 4 cm for a mattress topper density of 500 g/m² will meet your expectations.

What other criteria should be taken into account?

The density of the mattress topper is very important, but have you thought about the other characteristics that you must take into account to choose THE model adapted to your needs? Here are some additional criteria:

  • Thickness : a mattress topper must be at least 4 cm thick to be comfortable, but not exceed 8 cm to avoid beds that are too soft.
  • The dimensions : for the density of the mattress topper to guarantee good support, you must choose a model that corresponds to the exact dimensions of your mattress (neither larger nor smaller).
  • The filling : a natural filling offers good swelling, a high capacity for resilience and a good lifespan. The synthetic filling is more accessible and provides good comfort that resists the packing of fibers. It is also attributed hypoallergenic properties.

How to maintain your mattress topper?

Now that you know how to choose the density of a mattress topper , you must also know how to maintain it to maintain a constant level of quality over time! Because yes, a mattress topper must be maintained so as not to lose firmness and density, and therefore comfort. The maintenance of bedding increases its lifespan and helps maintain good sleep hygiene. To begin with, your mattress topper should always be placed between your mattress and your fitted sheet . It is possible to add a mattress protector for an extra layer of protection . Afterwards, your mattress topper should be regularly shaken out and aired out . Indeed, the fibers stick to each other because of the humidity (and this is the case for synthetic or natural mattress toppers). Eliminating stagnant moisture helps prevent dust mites . Some models support the dryer for this task. Finally, wash your mattress topper at least once a year, following the instructions on the label.


The perfect density of a mattress topper is therefore not universal: it depends on your mattress and your needs. You simply have to choose a model with a density between 300 gr/m² and 700 gr/m²: below that, the quality will suffer. Do not hesitate to contact our Bdreams team if you would like personalized advice for the choice of your mattress!

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