The memory foam mattress topper: the ideal companion

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Good sleep is essential for our well-being and our health, as we know, but the choice of mattresses on the market is often very (too?) wide and we get a little lost… and sometimes we are wrong! So to try to find the comfort of our dreams we turn to the mattress topper . Less radical and more economical solution than changing your mattress.

This quest for improved comfort will lead you to choose from among the different types of mattress toppers available on the market, this is where the memory foam mattress topper comes in. It stands out for its unique characteristics and its many benefits. In this article, we will explore the particularity of this mattress topper and which sleeper it will appeal to.

  • The particularity of the memory foam mattress topper :

The memory foam mattress topper is distinguished by its ability to adapt to the contours of the body. Thanks to its viscoelastic foam composition, it reacts to body heat and molds accordingly. Once you lie down on this type of mattress topper, it conforms to your body shape and relieves pressure points, thus providing optimal support for your body. This feature greatly contributes to improving the quality of sleep and reducing problems related to the sleeping position.

  • Who is the memory foam mattress for:

This mattress topper is aimed at a wide range of sleepers, in particular side sleepers suffering from the firmness of their mattress will appreciate the enveloping aspect of shape memory . Whether you are young or old, whether you have a slim or more corpulent morphology, the memory foam mattress topper can provide you with unparalleled comfort. People suffering from joint pain, back pain or muscle tension will particularly benefit from its therapeutic properties. Restless sleepers will also find an ally in this mattress topper, as it reduces motion transfer motion, meaning your partner's shaking won't bother you as much.

  • Memory foam and its benefits:

In addition to its morphological adaptation, atBdreams the shape memory foam used in mattress toppers , pillows and mattresses is an open cell Respirel foam, much more breathable than the pneumatic foams found on the market. Additionally, its ability to absorb movement helps prevent sleep disorders , such as restless leg syndrome, by minimizing feelings of discomfort.

Another important benefit of a memory foam mattress topper is that it extends the life of your mattress . By placing the mattress topper over your existing mattress, you add an extra layer of support and comfort, reducing pressure on your mattress and protecting it from premature wear .

As you will have understood, if your mattress does not completely meet your need for comfort, a memory foam mattress topper can be a wise choice, especially if you want to relieve pain on pressure points. At Bdreams we have a range of mattress toppers made in France , including 2 memory foam mattress toppers: the Rolls and the Memory . Go and discover their differences and if you can't make a choice, contact our team !

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