Choose the thickness of the mattress topper to protect your back

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When looking to improve the comfort of your mattress and keep your back healthy, adding a mattress topper can be a smart move. However, finding the ideal thickness can seem tricky, as it depends on several factors. Do not be afraid ! In this article Bdreams explains the importance of the thickness of a mattress topper and guides you to the most adequate choice for a restful sleep .

  1. Understand the importance of good back support:

To make an informed decision on mattress topper thickness, it is essential to understand why good back support is crucial. Poor support can lead to issues such as lower back pain, muscle strain, and even trouble sleeping. The mattress topper can play a key role in improving support for your spine and back.

  1. Consider your sleeping position:

Your sleeping position is another factor to consider when choosing the thickness of a mattress topper . Back sleepers, for example, need even support across the surface of the body, which may require a different thickness than side sleepers. In this case, a fairly thick memory foam mattress topper will be ideal. It's important to find a balance to keep your spine aligned in whatever position feels best for you.

  1. Evaluate your existing mattress :

The condition and firmness of your current mattress are also factors to consider.

If your mattress is too firm , adding a thicker mattress topper can be beneficial to improve support and weight distribution. The Soft Bdreams mattress topper is the one that can best fill the firmness of your mattress. However, if your mattress is already soft enough, a soft mattress topper could cause your spine to bend too much, in which case you should opt for a firm mattress topper . Finding the right balance is essential.

  1. Recommended thickness for each sleeping position:

For back sleepers : A mattress topper of about 2 to 3 inches thick can provide good support while still allowing for a slight sinking to maintain spinal alignment.

For side sleepers: Opt for a slightly thicker mattress topper, around 7 to 10 centimeters, to ensure even weight distribution and proper hip and shoulder alignment.

For stomach sleepers: It is best to avoid a mattress topper that is too thick, as this can cause excessive curvature of the spine. A thickness of 3 to 5 centimeters can be enough to provide a little extra comfort.

Consider Personal Preference: Ultimately, the choice of mattress topper thickness and comfort comes down to personal preference as well. Some people prefer a more pronounced feeling of softness like our Soft model, others are followers of shape memory in this case, the Memory and Rolls model will do the trick perfectly. Finally, some prefer a firmer surface like our Firm mattress topper. Feel free to experiment with different thickness levels to find what works best for you.


Choosing the thickness of a mattress topper to save your back depends on several factors, including your sleeping position, the condition of your existing mattress, and personal preference. By finding the balance between support and comfort, you can improve the quality of your sleep and reduce the risk of back pain. Take the time to research, try different options, and read reviews from other users to make an informed decision that will allow you to enjoy restful, pain-free sleep.

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