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Why do we always need a comforter?

Doudou pour le sommeil

Symbol of childhood, favorite companion of children, the comforter also invites itself into our adult life. For what ? A sentimental, reassuring or lucky object, having a teddy bear says a lot about our personality and our way of approaching life!

The cuddly toy, strong symbol from childhood to adulthood

First of all, it is important to understand the usefulness of a cuddly toy when you are a child. The blanket allows the baby to be reassured when he is alone, it is his emotional anchor. It is therefore naturally identified as a transitional object, that is to say that it will facilitate a transition such as, for example, the passage from adolescence to adulthood. It is an important object because it is reassuring.

The comforter, ally of your sleep

The comforter, teddy bear, stuffed animal, can take different shapes or names but many of them take an important place in our bed . Real sandman, he helps us. make the transition from day to night, especially for people for whom bedtime is a source of stress. Because yes, the plush does not change, it keeps its appearance and its distinctive smell which relaxes and reassures; with her past, she knows us better than anyone. Darkness, silence, loneliness can be worrying, hence the difficulty, especially for single people, of going to sleep. Psychologists speak of death anxiety, in the face of sleep, the fear of falling asleep forever. The cuddly toy makes it possible to face this anguish. And then, the fear of rehashing the problems of the day makes some people perceive the bed as a place of stress.

Our happy symbol

The comforter may have been offered to us, where we were able to bring it back from a trip or from a particular place, it conveys a moment of joy, protects and reassures adults and children alike. Sometimes brings good luck, he can become obsessed with it to the point of panicking about losing it. It has a soothing and restorative power, which is why it is very often present on our bed.

An immortal companion

In a world where everything is ephemeral, where our loved ones are not eternal, our cuddly toy remains immortal forever! Certainly often damaged by our hugs but always by our side in difficult times.

So you who don't have a cuddly toy, will you find one?

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