Which mattress topper for a mattress that is too firm?

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You have just bought a mattress that seemed perfect but you are not convinced, after several nights the mattress seems too firm , you wake up with back pain and in a bad mood. Unfortunately you can't invest in a new mattress right away. So what to do?

With a mattress that is too old or too firm , it is common to wake up stiff or with back pain, the mattress topper then becomes the essential bedding accessory to perfect your comfort.

Indeed, the mattress topper has many advantages to deal with a mattress that is too firm :

  • DISTRIBUTION OF PRESSURE POINTS: This bedding accessory promotes better redistribution of pressure points to relieve your back, joints, muscles and neck. You benefit from a more relaxed, deep and therefore restorative sleep. It hugs every body type and distributes the weight more evenly.
  • Increased comfort: do you know why beds in luxury hotels are so comfortable? The mattress topper! Most hotel bedding consists of a firm pocket spring mattress and a soft topper to provide ultimate comfort. If you have an old mattress, but can't afford to change bedding right away, a mattress topper is a great way to enjoy improved comfort.
  • Sleep protection : the mattress topper protects your mattress from wear, stains, dirt and moisture. Very practical to install and remove, the mattress topper is easy to clean for good sleep hygiene. There are machine washable models and plenty of home cleaning solutions to simply maintain your bedding and extend its life.

If you have a mattress that is too old or too firm, the mattress topper compensates for this firmness imbalance. It softens the welcome and more evenly distributes the various pressure points to relieve your neck , your back and your joints. This complement to the mattress also protects your bedding and extends its life!

You can find all these properties for Bdreams mattress toppers .

Our Soft mattress topper is the most suitable for reducing the firmness of your mattress, available in all sizes, its 100% cotton cover lined with microfiber provides softness and lightness. Its Naturalis foam core finished with oil of natural origin gives it suppleness and elasticity. Undeniably a mattress topper with ultimate comfort !

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