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Benefits of sleeping with a pillow between your knees

oreiller entre les genoux

Because this solution is not reserved only for pregnant women with their pregnancy pillow , because yes it is beneficial for everyone! Real ally to fight against back pain , the pillow is not only intended to support the head but it can also support your spine . We are going to show you this little trick to adopt the most comfortable position for a restful sleep .

You have tried everything, new mattress , a good pillow for the neck, you have followed all our advice to help you fall asleep (room temperature, etc.) and yet nothing helps, you wake up poorly rested. ) with pain?

Discover the 5 advantages of sleeping with a Bdreams pillow between the knees:

  • Proper alignment of the spine:

Side sleepers, 75% of the population, need proper support without it the spine can be put into a bent or twisted position. If they stay like that all night, it can cause joint strain. The pillow between the legs, placed at knee level, alleviates these tensions by providing perfect alignment of the spine. It is also recommended for people suffering from sciatica, lower back pain or muscle stiffness.

  • Improves blood circulation:

It improves blood circulation. Much like the trick of elevating your feet, the slight elevation the pillow produces between the legs will help facilitate blood flow through the vena cava, which is a major vein that carries blood to the heart and back.

  • Distributes body weight evenly:

The pillow relieves pressure by keeping the knees on top of each other. This ensures that your hips and pelvic region are aligned.

  • Reduces pressure on the hips:

Sleeping on your side also helps reduce pressure on your spine. The problem is that this position can lead to pressure on the hips. The pillow is therefore the best way to relieve yourself of this.

  • Limits the risk of sleep apnea:

Lateral sleep is also useful for those who suffer from breathing abnormalities, such as sleep apnea . In this sleeping position, the pillow will allow your airways to be less restricted. Keeping your spine aligned reduces neck and back pain, which lowers the risk of sleep apnea.

In the choice of your pillow you should rather orient yourself towards a fairly thick pillow, at least 10 cm thick, but not too thick. It should fit perfectly between your legs. You can turn to rectangular pillows, like our Ergonomic which will easily find its place under your knees.

Finally, our Ergonomic pillow being shape memory, it adapts perfectly to the shape of your legs, to wrap them in softness and comfort.

For more details, discover the Bdreams pillow and its characteristics, at a low price!

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