How to improve the comfort of your sofa bed?

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We use our sofa daily, to watch television, sit down to read a book, share good times with our loved ones but also as an extra bed . For you or your friends, you want good bedding, whether for every day or for a night here and there, in this case the choice of mattress is very important.

At Bdreams we are not going to tell you to change everything at the stroke of a wand, because yes it is a budget for an extra bed , but we are going to guide you on choosing the best mattress topper to improve its comfort.

  • Uses :

  • Everything will depend on the use you will make of your sofa, for example if you live in a studio, your sofa bed becomes your bed every night. In this case, you will have to choose a relatively thick mattress topper if your sofa mattress is not strong enough.

    A foam mattress topper with a thickness of between 8 and 10cm will provide you with optimal support on a daily basis. We advise you to opt for memory foam, which is supported and enveloping.

    For this, our Rolls mattress topper will be ideal, supported and enveloping with sufficient thickness to change your nights!

    If you only use the bedding on your sofa occasionally, a foam mattress topper with a thickness of 5 to 7cm will be sufficient. And in this case you are spoiled for choice among Bdreams mattress toppers : Soft, Memory, or Rolls.


    Know whether it is for a sofa bed , folding in two, or a BZ sofa , folding in three, Bdreams mattress toppers do not fold. However, they can be stored very easily in the carrying bag supplied with the purchase.

  • The dimension :
  • No matter the height of the seat of your BZ sofa or sofa bed, the most important thing will be its width and depth so that you are not mistaken in the choice of your mattress topper.

    Here is a small guide to sofa bed size:

    Click-clack mattress 120x190cm : suitable for a single person, all Bdreams mattress toppers are available in this size.

    Click-clack mattress 130x190cm : ideal for a single person who needs space, do not hesitate to ask us for a cut-out mattress topper !

    Click-clack mattress 140x190cm : designed to accommodate two people. This is the standard size of a 2-seater bedding.

    If you are still unsure about the most suitable comfort for you, you can reach us from Monday to Friday on our chat or by phone at

    And don't forget, delivery is free and you have 14 nights to try our mattress toppers!

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