Which Bdreams mattress is right for you?

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Among our bedding products , we offer 5 mattresses with very different characteristics. But how do you know which one will be best suited to your needs and your morphology?

First of all, in order to refine your searches, you will have to take into account different criteria.

  • The firmness of the mattress

Firmness needs vary according to your weight, your pain, the positions in which you like to sleep.

If you are overweight, for example, a firm mattress will be more suitable because it will support your spine and reduce back pain.Bdreams offers in its range the Energik mattress which perfectly mixes firmness and softness, with a tonic foam welcome, or the Essentiel mattress , a rebound and firm pocket spring mattress . If you often sleep on your side, then you have to give importance to the pressure points and choose a balanced mattress , even soft, like the Universal mattress , made up of 3 foams, whose reception is an Air Max foam thus providing exceptional softness. For sleepers who prefer positions on their back, a balanced or firm model will be more suitable. Our latest, the Osmoz mattress is ideal for people with back pain when they wake up, its morphological adaptation thanks to the memory foam envelops all the curves of your body. Finally, our Cosmos hybrid mattress will seduce all body types and types of sleepers, thanks to its base of firm pocket springs and its enveloping and soft memory foam reception, the ultimate high-end comfort.

  • Choosing the right materials

The main difference between the mattresses lies in their composition. The choice between the different materials that make up the mattress must be made according to the affinities and the desired comfort. There is no material better than another. However, some materials have specific properties and are adapted to particular morphologies. A mattress consists only of foams or springs.

The particularity of shape memory foams (also called viscoelastic) is to adapt more to the morphology by following each curve while spring mattresses are generally firmer and will be less receptive to pressure points.

As for the polyurethane foam, it offers a good quality/price ratio. To make the right choice, you must opt ​​for a high foam density (more than 30 kg/m3). Choose High Resilience (HR) foam , which will be more ventilated and resistant over time.

At Bdreams , we have carefully selected the foams that make up our mattresses. After having studied numerous compositions, we chose 2 types of foam: a flexible foam (high resilience) and a shape memory foam (viscoelastic).

  • The right size

It is important to choose your mattress according to your morphology but also the size of your bed base and the space available in your room.

Your size matters when choosing your new mattress. If you are less than 1.80 m tall, a length of 190 cm will suffice without having your feet protruding from the bed. Beyond that, it will be necessary to opt for a bed of 200 cm in length.

Your weight is also a factor to consider. If you have a large build, a wide mattress will be more comfortable for you and for your spouse if you sleep together.

In conclusion, between our 5 mattresses the notable differences are in the type of comfort it provides:

  • The Energik : plump and semi-firm. Is a simple and effective mattress for everyone, at any age.

  • The Universal : a slight sensation of shape memory with incomparable softness. It's the perfect balance!

  • The Osmoz : enveloping and soft. It promises a peaceful and deep sleep.

  • The Cosmos : balanced and soft, the ultimate hotel comfort, the top-of-the-range mattress from Bdreams.
  • The Essential : firm and plump.

If you have any questions don't forget that the Bdreams team is always there to guide you!

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